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Bettina Pelz

Liberal Arts
Open to students from all fields of study

Do / FR 2:00 pm — 6:00 pm
In cooperation with the seminar “Space — Time — Light” by Lorenz Potthast.

3 – 7 APR 2024 Excursion to IBSIC Lille (Conference)

9 / 10 / 17 May 2024 Focus on GOLDSTÜCKE Gelsenkirchen (Open Call)
27 MAY 2024 DIPLOPIA Application Deadline

6 / 7 / 14 JUN 2024 Focus on the Bremerhaven Columbusbahnhof Project (Collective Exhibition Project)
21 / 22 / 28 JUN 2024
5 / 12 JUL 2024

18 — 20 SEP 2024 Excursion to the Bremerhaven Columbusbahnhof
3 – 5 OCT 2024 Excursion to GOLDSTÜCKE Gelsenkirchen
30 OCT — 2 NOV 2024 Exhibition project at Bremerhaven Columbusbahnhof

Exhibiting Media Arts

Exhibiting artworks in independent formats, institutional projects, and galleries is an essential part of artists‘ professional activities. This seminar focuses on methods, techniques, and concepts of exhibiting from an artistic point of view, including processual and performative forms of exhibiting, context— — specific exhibition formats and self— — reflective exhibition designs. The aim of the seminar is to reflect on individual exhibition practice and to develop independent ideas to be able to act successfully in different exhibition contexts.

Practice fields will be IBSIC (Image Beyond Screen International Conference) in Lille and the DIPLOPIA Open Call by the light and media art project GOLDSTÜCKE in Gelsenkirchen. In addition, we will develop a collective exhibition project for the Bremerhaven Columbusbahnhof

Examination tasks
— Contribution to the GOLDSTÜCKE Open Call
— Contribution to the exhibition project at Bremerhaven Columbusbahnhof
— Contribution to project management, communication, audience care / art mediation, documentation
— Sharing knowledge and competencies
— CV / statement / web

Examination criteria
— Completeness of the contributions
— Coherence of concept, visuals, and design of contributions, independence, originality of the proposals
— Contributions to framework development, team building, problem solving
— Responsiveness to collective needs, reliability in project management, qualities in peer— — sharing
— Independence, originality of the collective exhibition project

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